Air Bar Max – Blueberry Black Current Disposable Device

Blueberry Blackcurrant is a fruity e-liquid that combines berries with icy aloe for a flavor that is both sweet and refreshing. The combination is delicious and very unique.

This flavor is available with the Air Bar Max disposable vape device. It features a 6.5ml prefill at 50mg nicotine strength and delivers up to 2000 puffs.


This Blueberry Blackcurrant flavor is a blend of dark, sweet blueberries and black currants. Its unique and delicious e-liquid is prepared with the ideal VG/PG ratio of 70:30 to give you intensely satisfying draws. Each inhale and exhale will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed from your hectic day. The 6.5ml e-liquid comes with the perfect nicotine strength of 5%, which will satisfy your nicotine cravings instantly.

This disposable vape has a large integrated battery that will power up the device until you empty it. It also features a modern design that can support 2000 Plus Puffs, which is more than enough to sustain moderate vapers for the whole day.

The 6.5ml e-liquid in this disposable vape is beautifully concocted with the right amount of nicotine strength and the ideal VG/PG ratio. The tasteful vape juice is made by mixing several flavoring agents (various with each one you choose). Its fine creation will keep your throat and palate intensely satisfied every time you inhale and exhale, delivering a potent jolt of energy even on your most exhausting days.


A new breed of portable vape, Air Bar Max has you covered with its 6.5ml e-liquid and a 1250mAh built-in battery that will keep you going for days. This disposable vape pen also boasts a stylish mouthpiece that is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. Its 5% nicotine strength will help you satiate your nicotine cravings with a smile on your face. You will be surprised by the amount of vapor produced by this small and mighty device.

With its cool & impressive features, Air Bar Max Blueberry Blackcurrant is one of the best value disposable vapes on the market today. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to find out more about this latest and greatest from Suorin. You won’t be disappointed!


Getting your hands on a top notch Air Bar Max is no small feat. The snazzy named sexboxer boasts a whopping 6.5ml of juice in tow. The best part? You can take it with you wherever you go. The aforementioned sexboxer is no trouble to keep in your pocket or sleeve. The best part is you have a smooth burn vape to boot. The aforementioned sexboxer comes with an unmatched warranty. You are the lucky winner of the aforementioned sexboxer and we bet you will not stop talking about the aforementioned sexboxer for the next few days to come.


If you like to vape menthol, Air Bar Max Menthol is the perfect choice. It has a cool, refreshing flavor that helps you beat your cravings without adding any ill effects to your health.

There are many flavors of this e-liquid to choose from, and it can be used with both a pod mod and a regular e-cigarette. Unlike freebase nicotine, it uses nicotine salts that are more gentle on your throat.

This e-liquid has a tart kiwi berry flavor and a hint of icy menthol. It is a great choice for summertime vaping.

Air Bar Max has a wide variety of flavors that are sure to keep your taste buds satisfied. Some of these include Guava Shake, Banana Ice, Berry Shake, and Blueberry Blackcurrant.